The new Dji hand gimbal

Dji Osmo Mobile

If you are fans of drones definitely you will love to make recordings that are not “shaked” or disturbed by various kinds of vibrations: The new DJI Osmo Mobile will do for you. The new invention by DJI (leading company in the sales in drones brand) turns your smartphone into a smart camera, making every shooting moment fluid, stable, real, professional and ready to be shared. The mechanism that provides maximum stability of the camera is the same as that of any gimbal installed in a modern drone.

Using it together with DJI Go app you can shoot in timelapse, slow motion and even live streaming worldwide wherever you are.
The new technology allows you to participate in video and films, without worry of not being filmed well during the moments you want to capture. This is possible thanks to ActiveTrack, that system within the DJI Go app, which allows to the Osmo Mobile to keep you inside the frame and focused as you move. The smartphone application also can be used to control the official DJI drone camera.

With this new accessory manufacturer of drones world number one, you can make the shooting in professional time-lapse without taking any expensive equipment and difficult manageability. As for the still picture you have probably already tried to do videos on the go with your smartphone and the results will never be exceptional: recording with Osmo Mobile will greatly reduce (or even completely eliminated in some cases) all disturbing movements which occur during normal recording, as the hand-shake, the motion shock due to running or cycling, the vibration of a skateboard.
The positioning mode are different, ranging from a standard arrangement for generic record video, to one which favors close-ups and selfies, followed by a “torch” mode (with the Osmo positioned forward to form a horizontal line and with the flash lit the smartphone) and finally a walking mode that ensures a strong connection between your smartphone and your device.
Thanks to the app you will be able to live streaming directly to Facebook, YouTube and other major social platforms without problems providing to your viewers still images of the highest quality.
To capture the best scenery you can take advantage of the Panorama feature that automatically captures and combines nine shots in one breathtaking photo.

The DJI Osmo Mobile connects directly to your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity, without wasting time to connect cables or perform tedious connections. The accessory also comes with a joystick that allows you to set the various functions, to move the Osmo, and smartphone, thus ensuring maximum customization. Among the buttons there are also those dedicated to the function sets, white balance and manual ISO. With triple tap you can also start a selfie mode.

Just as a common drone, also Osmo Mobile is equipped with a battery, but its duration is much longer: you can get there very well to a 4 and a half hours in duration! Furthermore, another similarity lies in the fact of having a dedicated USB port, to be used for both charging that for firmware updates.