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Electronic handling of your assistance report and real-time control of repair status

DJI Care

With DJI Care we will send the parts to the European center for a free replacement within 2 weeks

Italian Warranty

Shipment of the parts under warranty or delivery at our store that will manage your own procedure

Authentic parts

Our technicians install only original DJI spare parts to preserve the safety of products

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Enac Center

DJI ARS is the authorized training center of Enac for professional courses

Warranty policy
Warranty period
Consumer rights

DJI warrants that each DJI product that you purchase is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty periods are as specified on the “lifetime guarantee”. Are NOT covered by the warranty all damages caused by the customer or by negligence in the use of the product.
The return policy apply within 7 days from purchase only for products with warranty seal unopened.
All DJI care or DJI refresh products will be replaced upon verification of the European Center in about 15 working days.
The assistance of out of warranty products has a cost of € 80.00 VAT Incl. per hour, plus the cost of required spare parts for replacement. The customer will receive a estimation of the costs and have the right to not accept it. In this case will be charged € 25.00 VAT Incl. for the handling.
This is an excerpt of the General Regulation which you can find in the original language in the DJI official page “”.
By purchasing a DJI product or service you accept automatically the conditions of sale specified in the official page.

It is NOT possible to return digital products delivered digitally or via email as DJI Care Refresh, online courses and similar products

Only prices advertised on the available goods will be valid.
The competitor must be an authorized Italian dealer. You can check the list of authorized dealers on

Prices of foreign sites or unauthorized resellers will not be accepted. EBay auctions are not eligible for price matching requests.
The reference product must be new and in stock in the same model, size, color. When calculating the price difference, any applicable shipping and/or handling costs and taxes will be included. The promotions will not be combined with others already on the site.

Il Best Price is valid only for products with a value of € 200,00 VAT escluded or superior.

All requests are handled at the sole discretion of the DJI Authorized Retail Store.
The Best Price service is active only for online purchases and not at physical stores. This service does not entitle you to free courses or free assistance.

Electronics and Flight Control: 24 months – Gimbal and camera: 6 months – Positioning system: 6 months – Remote control: 24 months – Batteries: 6 months with less than 200 charging cycles – Battery charger: 6 months – Frame: Not covered by warranty – Propellers: Not covered by warranty – Gimbal motors: 6 months – Gimbal mechanical parts: 12 months.
All products, even if under warranty, not purchased by the DJI ROMA or DJI MILANO – Authorized Reseller will be subject to the full payment of the repair.
Find specifically all periods of the warranties for each product and spare part in the DJI official page “” in the original language.

For consumers, who are covered by consumer protection laws or regulations in their country of purchase or, if different, their country of residence, the benefits conferred by post-sale DJI policy are in addition to all the rights and remedies conveyed by such laws and regulations on consumer protection, including but not limited to these additional rights.
According to European consumer law, consumers are entitled to a free repair or replacement by the seller of goods or defective goods not in conformity with the sales contract. In addition, the consumer may require an appropriate reduction of the price or rescission of the contract, if the consumer is entitled to neither repair nor replacement, or if the seller has not completed the remedy within a reasonable period, or if the seller has not completed the remedy without significant inconvenience to the consumer or reimbursement by the seller of goods or defective goods not in conformity with the sales contract. However, the consumer is entitled to have the contract rescinded if the lack of conformity is minor.
For more information on the laws and consumer characteristics in the country of purchase or, if different, the country of residence, please visit the website of the European Consumer Centre at
Customers in the EEA may contact DJI at the above address.
Civil and criminal liability for Italy is by DJI – Industriestrasse 12, 97618 Niederlauer, Germany, or, Bijdorp-oost 6, 2992LA, Barendrecht, The Netherlands.