DJI Rental

DJI Drones and Gimbals Rental

Here are 4 reasons why you might be interested in renting a DJI product:

  1. Try the DJI product before to buy it
    Before making a very high investment on a product with complex technology, it would be ideal!
    If the DJI rented product is compatible with your expectations you can buy a new one by taking advantage of a discount based on rental costs!
  2. You have to take only one shot
    If you have to make a single shot by renting the drone or DJI gimbal you will surely have the possibility to offer your customers much better prices and you will not have to make any investments.
  3. Travel
    Do you have to shoot in a far area and you can not take the drone and the batteries with you? Rent it from us and we will send it directly to your destination. You will not have clutter and you will travel more free optimizing the expenses!
    If, on the other hand, you are a tourist coming to Italy, you can directly rent the gimbal or DJI drone here that will help you shoot aerial or ground shots.
  4. Backup for important events
    Do you have a very important job? Rent a backup drone or gimbal to avoid having problems on the day of filming. You will avoid buying a second product equal to the one in your possession that you would use very little.

15% discount for long-term rental


Professional equipment


10% discount to buy the new product

Accessories already provided in the rental

Livechat with experts for technical advice

How the DJI ARS rental service works

There are 4 simple steps to rent DJI products online:



Select the product you need



Select rental start and end dates



Complete the procedure and pay by bank transfer



Your order is processed as soon as payment is received

Rental period

The longer the rental period, the lower the daily rate and the better the rental value will be.

As soon as the bank transfer is credited, DJI ARS will immediately send your rented material with delivery scheduled for the first day you requested the rental.

At the end of the rental you will find the return instructions inside the product. You will need to contact our courier and arrange only the pick-up. The collection must be made the day after the last day of rental. After verifying the integrity of the product we will return the deposit and send you a voucher to purchase the same new product.

Which drones and gimbal can I rent?

We are able to offer a wide range of rental equipment, and the offer continues to expand as demand grows. Here you will find the dedicated DJI rental area.

Do not forget: you can always request a personalized rental by mail and we will do everything possible to meet your needs.


Do I need a license to rent a drone from DJI ARS?

No – there is no law in Italy that obliges to present a license to rent a drone. There is also no type of patent or license for amateur use. If you plan to use the drone for professional purposes make sure you have all the requirements to do so.

Is insurance included in the price of a rental?

No, you can use your insurance policy if you want to cover the rented goods: different insurances are able to offer annual coverage or on an ad hoc basis. The advance deposit covers any damage you will cause to the equipment and will be returned to you if there is no damage

Can I get a discount for the purchase of the rented product a rental period?

Yes. If you rent a drone or a gimbal from DJI Authorized Retail Store and then decide to buy an identical one, we will offer a 10% discount on the purchase price.

Do I have to pay to return the equipment?

No – both the delivery of your equipment and the return after the rental period is complete, are included in the quoted price.
The delivery will take place during the first day of the rental day. For the return you will find the instructions inside the product and you will only have to call the courier the day after the end of the rental.
For example, if you rent from Monday to Wednesday, you will receive the product on a Monday and return it on Thursday.

Can I use a rental drone for commercial operations?

Obviously! The DJI ARS drone rental program allows you to rent extra equipment for commercial operations, from a single Phantom 4 Pro Plus for a specific shot, to a complex Inspire 2 bundle for a movie service.
Make sure you have all the permits to operate in reference to the current Enac regulation.

What costs if I damage the equipment?

The cost of the damage will be deducted from the security deposit that you paid. The prices applied will be those of the official DJI parts list plus labor. In case of theft or loss you will be deducted the entire security deposit that you paid.
If you want you can do a personal insurance that will guarantee you compensation.
Each DJI equipment records the logs inside. In case the equipment is damaged due to a malfunction of the same, you will not be charged any penalty. The analysis is carried out in its official and unconditional judgment by the parent company.

What is the delivery time for the rented product?

Reservations can be made after 48 hours from the current date. Remember that if we do not receive your payment, we will not ship on time. We therefore remind you in the case of payment by bank transfer to tick it as urgent. During the initial shipping period, not all holidays in Italy are included as we can not ship.

What do I need to rent from DJI ARS?

Make an online reservation and payment including the mandatory deposit. Please specify the shipping address and telephone number for the contact.
Given the high demand we suggest you to schedule your rental at least 10 days in advance to be sure to find availability and receive everything on time.

Will I receive the drone or the gimbal ready for use?

Of course! You will receive the equipment already tested and with the latest firmware installed.
Our technicians will check that the equipment is fully functional before sending it.
By renting from us you will have to dedicate your time exclusively to the work commissioned by your client.

If I rent a product, can I keep it for longer?

Certainly, but you must notify us before 24 hours from the expiration of the rental itself to avoid sanctions. The cost will be the same as the average rental day. The maximum rental period is the same as the commercial value of the product. Exceeded this limit you will be charged the cost of the deposit and you can keep the product.

Can I use a Go Pro with the drone or install a payload?

No. The drones are supplied with their native gimbal and can not carry any objects or additional accessories.

Can I resume any type of home, person or thing?

We will not be responsible for your video footage. In this case you will have to have all the necessary permissions both for the flight and for privacy. For more information visit the website of the privacy guarantor and the Enac website.

Who will be responsible for the use of the rented products?

The person in charge will be the person who will place the rental order on our site and the related bank transfer. The transfer must necessarily be made by the person or company in which the order is placed. The company Elite Consulting Srl, owner of the DJI ARS in Italy, will not be responsible for any action taken by the person or company that has rented the product.

What advice could you give me to fly with a drone if I have little experience?

Obstacles, obstacles, obstacles. Hitting a tree, building, or other obstruction is the most common (and very preventable) cause of a crash. PRACTICE IN AN OPEN AREA AWAY FROM OBSTACLES. When you are experienced, remember to glance regularly from the APP to the drone, or better yet, use an observer to help you watch the drone and assure avoidance of obstacles.
Do not endanger people or property
Do not fly in a reckless or uncontrolled manner
Do not fly out of line of sight
Do not fly at night
Do not fly on the sea, lake or water
Do not fly over 400 ft above ground level
Do not fly within a 5 mi radius of airport without Air Traffic Control (ATC) approval
Do not fly near manned aircraft or any other unmanned aircraft. Unmanned aircraft must yield the right of way to manned aircraft at all times. If you hear an aircraft in the area, lower the drone altitude until the manned aircraft is spotted and assured to be out of your area of operation.
Do not fly in areas of magnetic or electromagnetic interference or disturbance
Do not start a flight on a metal surface such as a sewer cover or metal truck bed
Do not stand directly under the drone
Do not fly over others
Do not fly close to radio, cell, or microwave towers that could interfere with the drone
Do not fly drone when it is below 30% battery life (as indicated in the APP)
Do not fly in high winds
Do not fly in the rain or other inclement weather
Do not land in wet grass or mud
Do not takeoff or land in sand or dust
Do not fly on cold soaked batteries (equipment left in the cold will not function properly).
Do not wait for the low battery warning to land the drone. The low battery warning goes off at 30% battery, plan accordingly and land before battery hits 30%.
Always review training videos and the quick start guide online at before your drone rental arrives
Always give right of way to manned aircraft
Always read and follow the Quick Start guide exactly before every flight
Always perform compass calibration before every flight.
Always practice and learn to fly in an open area grass field away from people, buildings, and trees.
Always scout out your flight area before you actually start the drone. Take note of tree limbs, buildings, people, other obstacles and uneven terrain that may be near your flight path. Use of an observer is recommended to watch the drone at all times while the pilot flies.
Always place black rotors on the 2 black posts and the silver rotors on the silver posts. NOTE THAT THAT THE BLACK ROTORS SCREW ON COUNTER CLOCKWISE.
Always fly in an open area over soft ground until you are comfortable with the control and operation of the drone
Always assure battery is firmly locked in place securely before flying
Always calibrate compass correctly (will not work indoors) before every flight
Always assure a full charge on batteries and remote before flight
Always land the drone immediately if any abnormal operation is noticed or an error message comes up on the FPV screen.
Always land the drone immediately if a low battery warning is given.
Remember that a drone flying up to 30+ mph has a lot of inertia and the forward movement of the drone will continue for some distance even after you have begun to redirect the drone. Plan ahead for obstacle avoidance.
Remember that as the operator you should always be in control and are ultimately responsible. Even if you choose to use automatic flight modes such as return to home, auto-takeoff, auto-land, waypoints, ActiveTrack, Point of Interest, Follow Me, TapFly etc you should always be ready to immediately override the automatic modes and take back control. Use of automatic flight modes is at your own risk. Toggling the function switch on the remote and then back to GPS will allow you to immediately take over any automatic mode–Practice it and make it instinct before you use any automatic flight modes.
Remember that if the drone is far from you it will take time and consume battery power to get back to you. Plan accordingly, watching the battery percentage as you fly.
Consider doing an IMU, gimbal, compass, and remote calibration if the drone seems to not be responding appropriately.